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Career Coaching 
Lifting the 'fog'

Private Career Coaching

Helping you lift the 'fog' so you can re-focus, build your confidence and self-esteem and get on with achieving your aspirations. 

As an experienced and qualified career and life coach I'll help you find a positive pathway through your thoughts that will lift the 'fog' so you can re-focus, build your confidence and self-esteem and get on with achieving your career and life aspirations. 

I work alongside my clients every step of the way to help you create a career strategy and gain the skills and knowledge to achieve the future life you want. Together we write a great CV and LinkedIn profile and establish a career strategy that reduces stress and develops achievable goals. I provide the guidance, emotional support, knowledge and practical help such how to manage recruiters, how to prepare for interviews and how to answer tough interview questions.   

Because sometimes we all need help to get things back into perspective 



"Exceeded my expectations. Very useful and will make a personal difference to me."


"Excellent. Enjoyable, insightful. MORE THAN helpful to me in shaping aspects that are important to me."

"Working with Lindsey has been a game changer for me. In Lindsey I found a coach who understands the professional landscape very well, particularly in leadership of global programmes and initiatives. This has been extremely helpful in having meaningful exploration around personal branding, positioning, and evolving my value proposition for the next work engagement."

Call to discuss how we will work together

Common starting points that lead people to coaching are:

  • What are my aspirations?

  • What do I enjoy doing and how can I do more of it?

  • How can I stop something happening?

  • How can I resolve a specific business problem?

  • Do my ideas hold water?

  • How can I make the move to the next rung on my career ladder?

  • Do I want to continue in this profession or role?

  • How do I change career?

  • Could I become a consultant / self employed?

  • What are the financial and career implications of making a change?

  • Can I afford to make any changes now, and if not, when?

Executive coaching

A strategic sounding board 

Executive Coaching

Creating a private space to explore thoughts, ideas and discuss personal and business challenges

Executive Coaching provides a private, confidential, safe and challenging space for employees to explore personal development as well as internal and external business challenges. As a result, Executive Coaching will encourage reflection on many topics including behaviour and communication styles, leadership and management styles, managing change, managing teams and managing self. It will also where appropriate provide space to discuss life outside of work and review work-life balance.

Executive Coaching 

Business leaders and senior executives feel first-hand the adage “It's lonely at the top” as your teams expect you to deliver vision, rapid decision making and clarity on the pathways to success. 

I work with business leaders as a strategic sounding board and personal development coach, creating a private space to explore thoughts, ideas and discuss business challenges. 


Discussions often address leadership behaviours, personal aspirations, exit-plans, the direction of the company, internal challenges and external pressures in a blend of executive coaching and business consultancy.

Manager & Employee Coaching 

As a coach my role is to help you think more clearly about your work, life and career strategy and help you explore what options are open to you. Typically this includes discussion about your needs and wants including your financial needs and wants, your beliefs and values, behaviours, skills and knowledge and your aspirations. By its very nature a career strategy can not stand in isolation from the rest of your life as it is impacted by current and future life events. So we will be looking at the wider picture and we will also look at behaviours that are holding you back and the triggers that are impacting your general wellness and mental health.


"Lindsey provided me with a safe space to speak my mind in order to help me realise my own strengths and weaknesses as I embarked on my new role. Our conversations were open and honest and I particularly appreciated that she did not shy away from challenging me, which helped me in approaching a problem from different perspectives"

Clinical Research Specialist

"I worked with Lindsey for about a year as my executive coach when I was new to being a CEO. She helped me understand the shift I needed to make from being a competent manager and director to becoming a leader and a CEO. Her approach was not just academic about how I needed to act but instilled in me how it feels to be a leader and set the tone and vision for my company. I now understand that some great leaders are born, but most leaders can be grown. This realisation and the constant reinforcement through monthly meetings allowed me to change my mindset, adjust the direction and strategy of the business to deliver the outcomes I needed for my shareholders. I recommend anyone trying to jump the gap from management to leader to work with Lindsey." 

John Bradshaw, CEO

My client experience spans a wide range of industries including FMCG, Finance, IT, Pharma and service-led businesses in both the private and public sector where, in addition to coaching, I’ve delivered organisation consultancy, change management and skills training.


Supporting your employees when they need it most 

Heart & Hands

Building a caring and well-run offboarding program can have a considerable impact on people’s impression of a company's commitment to its workers. And key to helping employees overcome the shock of being advised their role is at risk or being made redundant is providing them with a safe and supportive environment that helps them make sense of the emotional roller-coaster they are about to embark upon and provide the structure and expertise that will help them be motivated to move on with their lives, as quickly as possible. 


Supporting your employees well, when they most need it, delivers not only a better outcome for them, but also ensures that their view of you, their employer, is not tarnished.

Providing each person with individual career support helps to preserve your relationship with the employee and creates a positive mindset that helps protect your company's reputation and brand, internally and externally. 

I specialise in providing a caring and personal approach that supports each employee on their own individual journey.


If you have a handful of employees that you need to let go and want to provide them with the best possible personal support, please call me.


"Really enjoyed the session - very helpful. Lindsey was friendly, approachable and knowledgeable.

Would recommend."

"Really helpful. Gave me good insight and the nuggets of info I need to think and act differently."


Lindsey Wheeler 

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With a background in the Technology sector across sales, business development and organisational development and have worked with teams all around the world, lived in Germany and now work with organisations of all sizes, and private individuals, to help people become more clear about their future path and attain their aspirations.

I specialise in providing a caring and personal approach that supports individuals as they explore and develop their capabilities and future career strategy. 

An accomplished consultant, trainer, coach and facilitator, I apply my experience and knowledge to help clients develop themselves, their teams and their businesses to achieve better results.

Association for Coaching member
CIPD qualified
Executive Coach Directory member Lindsey Wheeler
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