Executive Coaching

A private space to explore business challenges and

personal development

Business leaders and senior executives feel first-hand the adage “It's lonely at the top” as your teams expect you to deliver vision, rapid decision making and clarity on the pathways to success. 


I work with business leaders as a strategic sounding board and personal development coach, creating a private space to explore thoughts, ideas and discuss business challenges.


Discussions often address leadership behaviours, personal aspirations and growth, exit-plans, the direction of the company, internal challenges and external pressures in a blend of executive coaching and business consultancy.


I also work with Leadership teams to facilitate their joint development to become trusting, and trusted, collaborative and operationally effective teams.


"I worked with Lindsey for about a year as my executive coach when I was new to being a CEO. She helped me understand the shift I needed to make from being a competent manager and director to becoming a leader and a CEO. Her approach was not just academic about how I needed to act but instilled in me how it feels to be a leader and set the tone and vision for my company. I now understand that some great leaders are born, but most leaders can be grown. This realisation and the constant reinforcement through monthly meetings allowed me to change my mindset, adjust the direction and strategy of the business to deliver the outcomes I needed for my shareholders. I recommend anyone trying to jump the gap from management to leader to work with Lindsey."

John Bradshaw, Director


Lindsey Wheeler


07771 872 709

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