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Creative Techniques Workshops

For Personal and Professional Development 

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An opportunity to gain new insights and perspectives 

Creative techniques are a wonderful way of exploring ourselves, our thoughts, and our patterns. Enabling us to look more deeply and more intuitively into what has shaped our lives and what is getting in our way. 

When we are truly ‘lost for words’ using creative techniques to express what we mean provides a unique opportunity to make new associations, gain new perspectives and develop new thinking pathways. 

These workshops are suitable for:


  • Individuals wanting to know more about themselves - what makes you tick,  what your beliefs and values are, where they came from and explore if they are still serving you well. 

  • Coaches, Counsellors or Therapists undergoing their training or fully qualified, who are wishing to explore how creative techniques unlock a deeper conversation with their clients.

  • Mindfulness, Yoga, Pilates and teachers in other affiliated fields who are engaged with developing the whole person.​


Don't worry, you don't have to be 'creative' or be able to draw to get the benefit from these workshops!

It's about using alternative ways, other than the spoken word, to express what's going on. Using colour, shapes, writing and other inspiration including the natural world to explore thoughts and challenges and find a deeper understanding.

By experiencing each exercise, you will come to understand how the tools and techniques work and how powerful they can be in providing you, or your clients, with an opportunity to find new perspectives and gain new insights that help create a positive shift.​

Feel free to contact me with any questions 

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